Cosmetic Dentistry

  • Eliminating gaps or crowd between teeth.
  • Straightening the teeth position.
  • Changing the shape and/or color of the teeth.
  • Restoring teeth after dental injuries.
  • Gum correction with laser.


It is wise to choose Cosmetic Dentistry (compared with Prosthetics) because:

  • Cosmetic Dentistry preserves your teeth. Cosmetic Restoration retains the biggest part of the tooth as possible;
  • Fast results. All the procedure is done during one visit;
  • It’s a painless procedure;
  • Saves you money. It’s cheaper than Prosthetics, Implantology or Orthodontics.


It is wise to choose Cosmetic Dentistry in Alfadenta because:

  • 14 years our dr. Sigita Morkuvienė is a member of AACD american academy of cosmetic dentistry and of ESCD Europian academy of cosmetic dentistry;
  • We use only the highest quality, time-tested materials;
  • Primary consultation online;
  • Online registration;
  • All the procedures are done in one day.




In our clinic cosmetic restoration procedures are performed by Dr. Sigita Morkuvienė. Dr. Sigita Morkuvienė is a member of AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry) since 2006 and the ESCD (European Association of Cosmetic Dentistry) since 2005.

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